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A couple of insights

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A couple of insights

Oddball38 Oddball38
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 08/13
Posted: 08/10/13
10:59 AM

Insight #1 is an observation into how you guys do what you do. I noticed in the August issue, in the stories "Best of Show" ('64 Dodge Hemi clone) and "Rare and Restored" ('70 Torino), that the same train is in the background of both opening pics. Which suggests you guys plan stories and photo shoots in a certain area and have the car owners meet there. Makes perfect sense.

Insight #2 is one I hope you'll give me. In the story "Best of Show", on pg. 69, Doug Glad writes, "To make this car personal, Robert built a huge Hemi stroker that has no original or reproduction parts."

So no original parts. And no repro parts. Please clue me in to the third possibility in this scenario.