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how much is my car worth...

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how much is my car worth...

tubabubba26 tubabubba26
New User | Posts: 24 | Joined: 03/13
Posted: 07/12/13
12:33 AM

so i have a 76 ford Mustang II GHIA that i have been restoring for the last few months. so far I've put about $6-700 into it. it has all new hoses, from vacuum hoses, radiator hoses, brake hoses, fuel hoses, etc. new thermostat, rebuilt the carb, flushed the breaks, took the gas tank out and drained the old gas and put gas tank sealer in, new fuel sending unit, new transmission fluid and filter, new valve cover gaskets, new spark plugs, spark plug wires, dizzy rotor, dizzy cap, new battery, after market ooga horn, new oil, power steering fluid, new belts, new fuel filter,just timed it perfectly and a super duper clean interior and outside...NO RUST ANYWHERE

now onto the history of the car, it's been garaged for the last 20ish years, has either 34,xxx or 134,xxx miles, grandma owned, driven 2 times a week at most, runs and drives, 2.8 V6. i was thinking maybe around $4000? BUT it could possibly have a rod knock. tell me what you think...before and after the rod knock part...  

68scott385 68scott385
Enthusiast | Posts: 669 | Joined: 05/09
Posted: 07/12/13
08:27 AM

IMO and especially when looking at 30 year old cars, maintenance items such as new belts and hoses and such don't add value to the car. I know that money adds up quick and the labor time involved could have been spent sucking suds and squeezing Suzy but to me it just doesn't add anything. And as I write that I have a car that I have done all the same work to and wouldn't mind so much to sell it and know that all I've done is perform the regular maintenance that needed to be done anyway. If the car was in good to great running condition, then there might be something to be gained by having all new maintenance items, making the potential buyer think the car is well maintained.

When I see an old car advertised with things like new brakes or a new battery, it makes me think the seller just pulled it out of a field and is trying to unload this junker before the city ordinance enforcer fines them for having junk vehicles on display. It's just what runs through my mind whether true or not.

Now that you feel insulted and that is absolutely not my intentions, I have read and followed what you were doing with this car when you started asking questions a few months ago. IMO you should keep the car and if it needs the motor rebuilt, do it. IMO what you have is a perfect learning vehicle.

Now to the value of your car. Unfortunately you have a car that was not real popular when it was new and it the model that most Mustang enthusiasts would like to erase from history. I don't mean that it has no worth, I mean that it will be difficult to hard to find someone willing to fork out a wad of dough for a car form an era that got no respect. Even GM cars of that era don't get much love or aftermarket support.

As for the mileage, if the driver's seat is in near perfect condition, if the carpet in the driver's floor is also in near perfect condition, and the driver's door panel isn't worn off, these indicate little use and low miles where if all those items were well worn it would indicate high mileage. Most buyers will assume that the mileage is 134,xxx on a car of this age but a smart buyer will notice the amount of wear and make their own conclusions.

You also have what I consider the oddball engine of the day. Those cars were available with either 2.3L I4, a 2.8L v6, or a 302ci v8. The 2.3L has received much love in racing and performance products. The 302 v8 is the origin of the much loved Ford 5.0L and has great performance potential and aftermarket support. The 2.8L v6 was neither much loved nor given aftermarket support which may make finding parts, like heads, intake, and pistons, for them difficult.  
68scott385 68scott385 68scott385

tubabubba26 tubabubba26
New User | Posts: 24 | Joined: 03/13
Posted: 07/12/13
09:21 AM

thank you so much for your input. those are things i should take into account. I would LOVE to keep it but it actually gets such horrible mpg. like i drove maybe 2 miles and my gas gauge read full when i started then dropped 1/4th tank leaving me 3/4 of a tank left. 2nd the seat is perfect! but the floor carpet is bad, but if you wanna believe me or not my grandma had a bad knee and couldn't bend her knee at all so she had to scape it on the floor, hard, when ever she got it. sounds like BS but that is honestly the truth. it was the last time she ever drove was when this car was parked. that's why I'm saying I cant decide the miles...  

GearheadDiva GearheadDiva
New User | Posts: 3 | Joined: 01/12
Posted: 09/21/13
11:06 PM

Hope you were able to sell your Stang. I've found eBay really useful in getting an idea of what I can sell a car for. You can compare cars similar in condition to yours to see what other sellers are asking. But the most helpful feature is the "See Completed Listings" link. That shows you what cars like yours recently sold for. People can ask whatever they want for their car but this gives you a realistic view of what buyers are willing to pay.

To see the "See Completed Listings" link, you need to be logged into eBay. Good luck!  

HarleyDavidson1 HarleyDavidson1
New User | Posts: 5 | Joined: 12/13
Posted: 12/25/13
05:01 AM

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