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Hot-rodding the chevy Inline 6 cylinder

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Hot-rodding the chevy Inline 6 cylinder

carcrafter carcrafter
User | Posts: 68 | Joined: 08/03
Posted: 09/08/03
04:49 PM

OK, I wouldn't be thinking about this if I could fit a V8 in my 66 chevy van, but without MAJOR modifications it won't fit...  so, I'm toying with the idea of hopping up the 250 L6 with some good-ol hotrod stuff like:  trick intake, maybe dual single barrel carbs, headers, HEI, performance cam, bigger valves.

Anyone hotrodded a chevy six-banger before?   Advice or bench racing (how much more hp do you think the 6 could make with these bolt-ons?)  comments are requested..

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crhytec crhytec
New User | Posts: 34 | Joined: 09/03
Posted: 09/09/03
03:39 AM

I might be inclined to begin with the 292 instead of the 250..  If you go with the 250, avoid the one with the one piece head/intake manifold.  I don't remember what years.  

skynyrdfan skynyrdfan
New User | Posts: 44 | Joined: 08/03
Posted: 09/09/03
10:56 AM

Rock on man.  Contact Clifford Performance in California.  They are a huge company catering to inline six cylinder performance enthusiasts.(spl.)  I would go with the 292 as well, and like i mentioned in another thread, if you bore .060 on the 292, assuming the block is good enough to take it, you can get 301 cubic inches out of it.  Get an awesome cam, work on the head, put some huge ass vavles in, and get a header, and you are in some massive torque producing business.  Then if you really want your neck snapped back, some N20 would do just that.  That six would produce so much torque down low and all through out the power band it wouldnt even be funny.  I hope you build it.  

Godspeeds777 Godspeeds777
User | Posts: 100 | Joined: 09/03
Posted: 09/24/03
04:11 PM

  Skyn man I feel you man I also have dreamed of this build up but in a old 60s ford mustang. What I personaly suggest is copying some of your IMports out there like the supra, old 280z etc . THey have inline six maken 1200hp plus. Also the engine set ups are very basic with inline six and Turbo .

INline six motor very very easy to turbo and on older model z cars and mustangs tons of room to work with in the headers and turbos.

The magazine should look into doing this build since turbos do end up in junk yards just like engines are are capable of being rebuit and are sometimes found in mint condition.

This build depending on who makes the header and how you obtaine your turbo can be done next to no money. Though I strongly suggest you switch to a Multi point injection system or any form of fuel injection system . Rember your 4.9 liter trans am turbo never did work out with carbs and turbos.

Personaly I would love to see what the true potential of a big block inline six with Turbos is capable of. Its never been done before by domestics other than GRand nationals but those were v6 not inline six.

Great thing about inline engines is they produce on average more torque than v engines. This is a theory I have never seen any real proof but its a popular theory cuase just look at all your current Big rig engines and Current Colorado its running a inline 5 cylinder engine at 225 hp.

Well hope the magazine will sponsor you on this one and help us read about some cool sheet for a change. Kinda like the article about the Nitrous and junk yard engine and tried to blow it up and never could. Back in the mid 90s Car craft wrote I think

I love articles that are written just to see what will happen or can it be done type things. That to me is a TRUE hot rodder that does things for the love of it and just wants to know if it can be done. Also the sheet and giggles factor is always at play.


Godspeeds777 Godspeeds777
User | Posts: 100 | Joined: 09/03
Posted: 09/24/03
04:15 PM

Oh On the subject of the nitrous junk yard motor it was a two part Magazine and cuase i was in the service then and got shipped out exactly what happen in the second issue?



skynyrdfan skynyrdfan
New User | Posts: 44 | Joined: 08/03
Posted: 09/24/03
08:02 PM

I don't know when Car Craft did an article on that, but Chevy High Performance just did one about six months ago.  They took a junkyard 350 that was in good condition and squeezed as much nitrous into as they could before it blew.  They put something like 400hp of juice into it before it ate a piston.  The only reason the piston died, too, was becaue someone goofed on the dyno pull and pushed the nitrous button too soon, too low in rpm range.  The hp on the dyno got to around 675ish and torque was absolutely huge.  The icing on the cake was that at the very first of the write-up they put a disclaimer telling people to not try this with their engine.  

Godspeeds777 Godspeeds777
User | Posts: 100 | Joined: 09/03
Posted: 09/25/03
02:33 PM

 NO NO Car Craft did do this article back in 96 or 97 it had a guy wearing a monster mask on the front of it. I have it here somewhere but that would be a hard find along with alot of my 80s car craft collection of magazines. If I rember right they dropped it into a Duster and it was something Mopar engine. Also it was a two part magazine to be continued for some reason I never got the second issue.  

Godspeeds777 Godspeeds777
User | Posts: 100 | Joined: 09/03
Posted: 09/25/03
02:56 PM

There is a very specific reason why I rember this magazine.

I guy from my shop few years earlier was telling me about the 80s mud boggers he use to build showed me pictures and everything . He said he won by just that method getting well used broken in engines 100thosuand mile plus and adding tons of nitrous on them. Alot of engines end up in junk yards for owners that dont know how to fix anything and espicaly in the 80s v8 350 were a dime a dozen Literaly. Well the whole conversation was started about me wondering if nitrous would work on my old Ford that was from the junk yard reserected (yes I was poor hot rodder once But dam good one). Also Must say loved the article on the 300hp 300dollar build up issues and totaly agree with what they were saying for a hot rodder you can make 300hp plus but at same time not be realistic and know there not drag engines and not capable of hard core abuse. But in reality nothing invested and not worrying about if the engine blows is great approach for amature getting by with low budget and lots of nitrous. Though Nitrous bill with time does add up.


skynyrdfan skynyrdfan
New User | Posts: 44 | Joined: 08/03
Posted: 09/25/03
05:02 PM

hey that's cool man.  I was just saying that if you couldn't find your Car Craft, Chevy High Performance did something like that not too long ago.  Thats all.  

Fredsgarage Fredsgarage
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/09
Posted: 01/13/09
02:03 PM

I think Old School Inline Sixes are cool. They wont really compete with most hot rodded V8s.  Although there are some cagey builders out there that will fool you and take your money.
Check out  Larry owns a chevy II with a 250 fueled by three 4 Barrel carbs that will smoke most V8s. Yes I said Three 4 barrels. And its sick fast.

I just like these Sixes because i am so bored with the Small Block Chevy's. Hey dont get me wrong, FAST anything is exciting  but sometimes that is not the whole reason to build it.

I have two of my own Chevy II's and both have an Inline 6 in them. My Wagon is a near stock 194 and the 65 Coupe has a Hot 250 with a Muncie 4 Speed that can take care of its own with 90 % of the cars out there. I did it myyyy way~! Cool

fredsgarage Nor-Cal  

burple51 burple51
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/09
Posted: 01/13/09
03:47 PM

I dive a full house Clifford 235 w/4speed on a daily basis
all over Western Colorado.
Port "EVERYTHING", then mill the head about .060" to give it some power. Clifford cam, intake, 390 Holley, Petronix ign, round out the combo. Pay attention to details, and go
forth and tear up the kids with the 350 powered pickups.
Have Fun
Poverty Flats, Co. USA  

460-BBF-Turbo-In-CC 460-BBF-Turbo-In-CC
Guru | Posts: 1171 | Joined: 10/03
Posted: 01/13/09
05:24 PM

This thread really came back from the dead (dormant since 2003).

As nearly any "tuner" kid brighter than the ever-flapping, ex-beer can, "Pep Boyz" touring car "wing" on the back of a slammed Honda ricebox can tell you, the measly 3.0 Supra 6 will smack down about 98% of the V8s out there --  if properly turbocharged. 1,000+ RWHP numbers are regularly carded by such puffed sixes at import show-off events.  

And plenty of defeated Holden drivers from the "land of wonder, the Land Down Under" can testify to the wicked quick Ford Performance Vehicles turbo sixes in OZ.

Good old American sixes will also respond with dyno-roasting fury to turbocharging.

A project that's just waiting for some enterprising Car Crafter to build is an ancient OHV inline six fitted with a junkyard-fresh Eaton, a couple of staged charge air coolers and a honkin' big turbo (or a pair of small ones).

How would this work?

With the right kind of control valves (i.e. (1) the built-in Eaton vacuum bypass, (2) an r.p.m.-controlled full-boost blower bypass, and (3)a wastegate plumbed into the intake, tasked to bypass some of the Eaton's flow when the turbo(s) are spooling (inspired by The Turbo People's ( intake wastegated centrifugal supercharger) this poor-man's twincharger set-up would have a phenomenal torque curve and decent part-throttle fuel economy.  

Serious fabricators could add in a motorcycle-style multi-plate clutch to the blower drive in order to extract that last sliver of off-boost fuel economy (and high r.p.m. on-boost power when the turbo(s) are handling the entire forced induction load).

For those swashbucklers who like living dangerously, a supplemental alcohol fuel system and a "wartime emergency" boost compounding mode (no bypassing of the Eaton) could really cram serious wind down into that old buzzin' half-dozen (at least until the head lifts or the rods window the block, that is)

Too bad that too many lazy Car Crafters think the only way to go quick and fast is with a "me-too" V8 crate mill sporting an ordinary single 4bbl and a whiff of nitrous oxide.  
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October 1, 2003: " I'm thinking a couple of...turbos, blowing through an old Powerstroke intercooler...on a Super Cobra Jet-head 460 would be mad cheap and make sick power."
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William Woehl William Woehl
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 04/14
Posted: 04/22/14
09:48 AM

Check out, there is a community of vintage Chevy van guys doing all kinds of mods.  

OliverHevvy OliverHevvy
New User | Posts: 9 | Joined: 05/14
Posted: 05/29/14
02:31 PM

Google "Inliners" - there are a lot of folks hot-rodding Chevy sixes. I did one.... You can, with work, adapt two cut-off SBC heads to the 250 CID motor. There are good intake and exhaust manifolds, so you can run a four-barrel. I'd think 300HP is within reach.

A 292 is, or course, bigger, but uses a taller block. It may not fit. Harder to find, too. If you don't want to convert to SBC heads, I'd sure look at a simple draw-thru turbo design. With the intake and exhaust on the same size it would be pretty easy even for a shade-tree mechanic.

I wonder if the OP will ever see this? Or what he did?