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Port work on the BBF heads - March issue

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Port work on the BBF heads - March issue

TheBat63 TheBat63
Enthusiast | Posts: 324 | Joined: 04/05
Posted: 01/20/06
12:55 AM

C'mon Jeff Smith be a shill ? You must be in error ? Say it ain't so Jeff ?  

QtrWarrior QtrWarrior
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/06
Posted: 01/22/06
08:04 PM

I think the whole article is a farce, it's just an ad to promote Edelbrock heads. Whoever ported those iron heads had no clue. Why not try the test again, with someone who how to port the iron head ??  Might I suggest :Re-In-"Car"-nation High Performance and Automotive Repair/index  or :: Index.

Passing "tainted" info to your readers, for the sake of promoting an advertiser is just bad business



Falcon67 Falcon67
User | Posts: 134 | Joined: 02/07
Posted: 01/22/06
08:27 PM

That is one of the most poorly researched and reported articles I've ever read in this magazine.  The GT-40 iron heads on our 302 have a mild exhaust port and flow more than that.  Either the figures have been mis-reported, that bench needs a serious calibration, or Vic offered to fund some project car for CC.  
1967 Falcon 4 door - 351C
1970 Mustang coupe - 351C
Owner built, owner abused.

danev2 danev2
New User | Posts: 44 | Joined: 04/05
Posted: 01/22/06
09:36 PM

I have to agree.  I have run many ported and unported factory 460 heads and run flow tests... And gotten higher flow numbers than they did. Also did you notice the choice of heads?  Late 70's emissions heads... D8TE somethings..... junk!

While our revered D0VE and C9VE heads are not so common as to be falling out of the sky... They are still fairly available.. why couldn't they use a set of those?

I'd sell them a set....  I have about 4 sets stacked up.....

Dane V

Salt Lake City UT


cletus66 cletus66
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/06
Posted: 01/23/06
08:28 AM

I was amazed at the flow numbers listed in the article.  Stock smogger D3VE exhaust ports flow 135 cfm.  How can someone port them and make no improvements?   A monkey with a hammer and a cold chisel could do better than that.  As long as you don't hit water or destroy the short turn, it will get better.  I think there must have been a mistake in the before and after flow bench numbers.  That is the only way these guys can come out of this without looking like a  pack of retards.   There is no way this is real.  CC should go ahead and fess up that they didn't pay close enough editorial attention to this "advertisement" .   

chd600 chd600
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/06
Posted: 01/23/06
07:45 PM

got to agree, the worst article on porting. I port a lot of ford 460 heads and get much better numbers than that.with a dove head,2.19 in / 1.80ex  ferrea 6000 competition valves .everything flowed on sf600 w/flowcom 28in h2o.  NO PIPE ON EXAUST!

           intake             exaust            %exh/int

.100      68.0               56. 8                83.6

.200       147.1           110.5                 75.1        

.300       216.5            150.8                69.6

.400       272.9             174.2                63.8

.500       296.8             187.9                63.3

.600       304.2             191.8                63.1

if your going to use a pipe on the edelbrock head you should use it onthe other as well to make a fair comparison.  Paul



Edited 1/23/2006 6:54 pm by chd600  

96Mustang460CID 96Mustang460CID
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/06
Posted: 01/25/06
03:34 PM

While I have often times heard about the magazine bias, this is the first time it jumped off the page and blatently slapped me across the face. Being a college student, like most, I have little money to buy the most popular or the best parts on the market. Often times, the most popular and best parts are manufactured by two different companies. Since I do not have the disposible income to buy those shiny new parts, I must make what I have work.

The more I learn, the more I understand the negative attitude the 'gurus' have toward magazines. I start seeing when, where, and how they mislead the average hot rodder who puts his or her trust into that monthly publication. He or she is depending on Car Craft, among others, to give them truthful, unbiased information in an easily understandable format.

If Eldelbrock wanted an article on their 460 BBF heads, you could have simply bought an old abused 460 from the junk yard, freshened it up, and threw those shiny new heads atop it. Of course you would have before and after hp numbers to impress your readers. This would have given people a glimpse into what is possible- a realistic view. Instead, Car Craft performed a 'shootout'. A shootout that forced a negative label on an entire genre of car parts. With that article, Car Craft insinuated that every BBF head is junk--thereby implying the same about the engines.

Car Craft started with the worst head Ford made. Yes, that is ok as long as the reader is inform as to the level of performance Ford intended for that model of head. After spending the time and effort to 'port' these heads, your gains appear tainted to any knowledgable BBF person.

Feel free to print this letter for your readership. Maybe it will show them that there is a whole other side of hot roddin' out there.


Have a good day!



rmcomprandy rmcomprandy
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 01/06
Posted: 01/25/06
05:12 PM

I do aggree with almost ALL of what you said except that the D3VE BigBlock Ford head is actually pretty good...that's what makes this article SUCH a farce.  

The worst BigBlock production Ford head made was the D2VE head, (totally open chambers prone to detonation), on the "72 engines only.


TheBat63 TheBat63
Enthusiast | Posts: 324 | Joined: 04/05
Posted: 01/25/06
07:37 PM

Guys I agree with evrything you are saying but look who wrote it ? Honestly Jeff Smith is a GM apologist of the first order . No surprise that if someone was going to do a trash job on the Ford head it would be Jeff that and a puff piece on the Edelbrock head.    

ScottJ429 ScottJ429
New User | Posts: 1 | Joined: 01/06
Posted: 01/26/06
12:09 AM

Link to chatter at


Draft of email sent to primedia:


My name is Scott Johnston and I am a professional engine builder from Tacoma, Wa. I specialize in the big block ford and the porting all of available street style cylinder heads including the iron offerings from FoMoCo. I was also a participant in Engine Masters '04 and '05 with the team "385" and "335" contingents.

Let me start out by saying that I realize the realities involved in publishing a magazine and in keeping the revenue stream intact from your advertisers, however I take extreme exception to the price vs porting article in your march 06 issue. It appears to be nothing more thant a gratuitous advertisement for the edelbrock line of bbf cylinder heads. Of all of the available aftermarket BBF aluminum offerings ( FRPP, TFS, B/T etc) the edelbrocks rank last in out of the box flow and the chamber design is dated. I would sooner pick the TFS streets or Kaase SCJ's for my clients needs.

Had you bothered to do some research on the very chat site you spoke about in your Feb '06 article on the BBF, you would have found factual and verifiable information about the actual capabilities of the iron heads you so blatantly maligned. In addition had you simply googled D3VE or D0VE porting instruction you would have found a link to instructions on my website listed first on page one. The approach you used to work that cylinder head was half hearted at best and ridiculous at worst. Put simply you did your ford readership a disservice in continuing to perpetuate this myth. As a matter of fact Denny Wycoff of motor machine and cam masters fame, wrote an article in 1979 pertaining to the BBF heads and how to remedy the poor exhaust port performance. That was a thoughtful and useful article at a time when there were no other alternatives.

Those familiar with the iron BBF heads know that in factory form the exhaust ports are miserable at best. This does not however mean they are unworkable even by a novice. Ask the hundreds of subscribers to my site's instructions that post on the site what kind of flow and performance results they get with their home ported castings. You will find your assertions are absurd.

Average home ported D3 castings exhaust flow about 160 to 175 cfm peak at .600" lift. While not spectacular the numbers are realistic and achievable by a novice. Home ported D0VE and earlier castings usually average 170 to 185 cfm. Both are with the small 1.65" exhaust valve.

An apples to apples comparison would have been a pair of early castings with the same valve sizes the RPM castings utilise. Professionally ported (early) large (2.19"/1.76") valve castings will flow 340 to 350 cfm intake and 190 to 200 cfm exhaust with out pipe. Later castings slightly less on the exhaust. My audie flow bench, a super flow 110 and a super flow 600 have verified this. These are run of the mill passenger car castings easily available to anyone willing to look.

Why do we use these castings? They are used because the iron CJ castings are difficult and expensive to find first of all. Second of all many classes of racing require the use of iron cylinder heads and the aftermarket has not offered them to this point in time for the BBF. Thankfully this is about to change. Thirdly some folks like the stealth look and kicking some bowtie butt with those junk iron heads. Lastly how many factory iron castings of any sort will flow intake numbers like the BBF castings do?

Finally, there are sources that will send you a pair of fully ported large S/S valve early castings that cost less than the costs you outlined for machine work and parts. These same lowly castings have supported 700 HP at 6K RPM in a 545 inch stroker with a victor, 950 hp Holley and XR292R comp solid roller cam.

here are a few pics of a decent BBF exhaust port.

A flow graph by Dave McLain of McLains automotive in Cuba MS my engine masters partner. Flowed on an SF 110.

I think your readers deserve more accurate information than you provided them. How about it?

Scott Johnston / RHP
Tacoma, WA.