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Olds engine to 4l60e/4l80e /700r4 trans

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Olds engine to 4l60e/4l80e /700r4 trans

dlbogart dlbogart
New User | Posts: 22 | Joined: 02/06
Posted: 02/26/06
08:06 PM

From: "Gloria Lewis" <>
To: <>
Subject: Tech question
Date: Sunday, February 12, 2006 10:14 PM

I am in the planning stages of building the 440 c.i.d. olds engine from a
350 sneazle block . It will be ahead of a 700 R4, or a 4L60E auto/od . Were
either of these trannies ever built with a B.O.P. bellhousing? Is the
adapter plate a safe alternative? My concern here is will the thickness of
the plate cause the torque converter to not fully engage the pump drive
lugs, input shaft, and stator splines - thus causing premature wear.This
will be going in a late '90s four wheel drive chassis, so a 200 r4 is not an
option due to weight and towing. I know you guys are outta the truck
business now, but your tech stuff is still closer to my budget and abilities
than those other guys. And yes to your question I do think a pickup street
machine build would be way cool. Living in Wyoming that's what many guys
build out here, even some fourwheel drives see some street racing action
when nobody's lookin'.(mostly out on a deserted stretch of highway) Thanks
Dan Lewis, Thermopolis Wyoming


bowser59 bowser59
Enthusiast | Posts: 411 | Joined: 11/06
Posted: 02/26/06
11:33 PM

Afraid that the 700r4 and 4L60E were never made in the BOP pattern.  As for the adapter plates, they are probably fine, but why would you rule out a 2004R?  They can be made to be even better than the other two mainly because they have a solid input shaft.  My transmission guy is a regular GM trained transmission mechanic, and he can build a 2004R to take anything you can throw at it (well, 500 HP with a 200 shot - pretty good).  He knows what he is talking about.  I am running three of his trannys and they are all good.  We will be using one of his 2004Rs in my son's 442, and it will be packing a built 455.  If you over torque a 700R4, according to him, the input shaft can shatter as they are hollow (not solid).  So you may want to ask around to see if there is someone near you who knows how to modify a 200R4 properly.  It could be a better choice for you.

Good luck - Bowser


ssmonte ssmonte
User | Posts: 124 | Joined: 06/05
Posted: 02/27/06
11:23 AM

check out for some 200 4r stuff, they build some of the best stuff.  I would definetly go with the 200 4r over the 700 r4, and they have the bop pattern on them  

Guru | Posts: 793 | Joined: 11/05
Posted: 02/27/06
02:58 PM

I'd have to agree with the other two guys.  The 200-4R can be built every bit as strong as a 700-R4...and is considered better by quite a few professionals.  I'm building one myself for my 68 Olds cutlass...its not a screamer, but California performance transmission makes em to hold over 700HP.  In reference to the 4L60E and the 4L80E. . .they are both controlled by a computer, and that will be a major hassle to contend with.  If you don't like those choices, you can use a TH400, and get a gear vendors gear splitter.  Thats the expensive route though.  

Good luck


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dlbogart dlbogart
New User | Posts: 22 | Joined: 02/06
Posted: 03/04/06
05:07 PM

But does a 200 r4 come with an output shaft compatible with my transfer case ?  

bowser59 bowser59
Enthusiast | Posts: 411 | Joined: 11/06
Posted: 03/12/06
11:42 PM

What did your truck come with originally?  That's the 25 cent question here.  I read your original thread, but you didn't mention your current mill.  I do know what splines go with what (those that interchange anyhow) at least for a few of them.  Let me know and I can tell if the 200 will work.  There may be possible conversions too, but first things first.  Bowser.  

consaka consaka
New User | Posts: 6 | Joined: 03/06
Posted: 03/13/06
10:27 AM

If you plan on using this rig for towing you might want to skip straight to a 4L80E.

My grandfather bought my '83 van new with the diesel option and they told him right away never to tow with it. 6.2 in front of a 700R4. 200,000 miles later I got it in '95 as a graduation present.

I made a few (cough) modifications to it (6.5 fab monster turbo, db4 injector pump etc etc. That tranny didnt last long after that. in fact it cut loose on a new kansas freeway and bled to death. The shop ordered a tested, upgraded 700R4 from some huge Omaha facility made for diesels. I delivered the trailer to colorado and went home. Only towed a few cars and some short minor loads after that but it still barely lasted 2 years. I still have it and plan to rebuild it for a TransAm.

I got a core 4L80E and taught myself some basic transmission facts. Invented a few tools and have had a solid transmission ever since. Yes I had to fabricate a new transmission crossmember to mount the tranny support too and get a custom made driveline, and a computer to run it. But to me it was worth it even if I did missmeasure the driveline once.



dlbogart dlbogart
New User | Posts: 22 | Joined: 02/06
Posted: 04/08/06
10:38 PM

It's a '95 yukon 4x4 with a throttle body 350, I think it is a 700 r4, with a manual transfer case. This may noy even be the donor truck for the project ,as my wife thinks it's hers !! I will probably start with a wreck of similar year and equipment when I actually get started. Thanks for all the good advice