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danimal7264 danimal7264
New User | Posts: 6 | Joined: 12/05
Posted: 12/19/05
07:11 PM

I'm glad CC is showing some AMC'S.Where other magazines seem to cover only cameros and  stangs.I know some guys could care less about AMCS they have muscle car history just like the big 3.And they warrant coverage too.I'm renewing my sub for two more years.KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK CC!!  

bowser59 bowser59
Enthusiast | Posts: 411 | Joined: 11/06
Posted: 12/21/05
11:26 PM

I agree.  Awhile back I posted a note back to a guy that was up on AMCs.  Like I told him, when I was younger, I always considered them Gramma cars, probably because my  one Grandma owned and drove one.  It was like a '64 770 Classic 2 dr post (I think).  Thought it was kinda flakey when I was a kid, but wish I had it now.  Clean lines, and enough room to stuff one of the big AMC V-8s into.  After I grew up, I found AMC engines in a bunch of unlikely places.  They actually had a marine application in large boats of the era.  I looked at a 28' Sabercraft to buy once and much to my surprise there was a 390 AMC sitting in the engine hold.  I understand that they were known for their durability, and if you know boats, you know that if you are pushing 3000 rpm on a cruise, it's akin to going uphill at 3000 rpm's for hours.  They apparently were up to the task.  So I share your sentiments.  The AMC that my grandparents had survived them too - which took some doing.  My grandfather was esp. hard on cars.  Bowser   

Fred Garvin Fred Garvin
New User | Posts: 2 | Joined: 12/05
Posted: 12/24/05
02:38 PM

If you look at the burnout section at Car craft's home page.  You'll see a friend of mine's Rambler doing an awesome burnout.




1Adam12 1Adam12
New User | Posts: 10 | Joined: 12/05
Posted: 12/25/05
08:50 PM

Hi. Yes i agree that AMC's are finally being recognized. I own a few of them. My ADAM-12 replica was in the Burnout pages a couple of months ago. The only problem is that NOS parts are going thru the roof price wise. Hopefully, Year One or someone will start reproing some much needed parts. Mike.  

TheBat63 TheBat63
Enthusiast | Posts: 324 | Joined: 04/05
Posted: 12/26/05
10:16 PM

I am a Ford guy but the AMC stuff is cool . I like it alot . Very original. The cars are unique and the AMX Javs from the late 60's are some of the best looking cars ever.